What Are the Best Non-Toxic Home Cleaning Products?

There are many reasons to throw out some of your big name house cleaning supplies to make room for cleaner, non-toxic alternatives. You can guarantee that your children and pets will be safe around them, even if they accidentally ingest something somehow. The air your whole family breathes will be cleaner and fresher, not tainted with the heaviness of harsh chemicals. You can also feel good knowing that you are making humanity’s footprint on the environment just a little smaller. While you can find many blog posts and websites with dozens of do-it-yourself recipes for non-toxic cleaners, many people simply do not have the time or patience to make their own cleaning supplies. However, it can be very difficult to find these non-toxic cleaners in stores that also get the job done. Below are some of the very best non-toxic cleaners out there.

Laundry Detergents

Using non-toxic laundry detergents can be extremely important, as harmful chemicals can be the cause of many of your family’s woes, including asthma and skin irritation. Thankfully, there are several brands of laundry detergent out there that have the power to get rid of even the peskiest stains without all of the harmful chemicals.

One of the cheapest and easiest-to-find options is Honest Free&Clear. While you can find this detergent and many others on Amazon, it can also be found at Target for only around $13 for a 70-ounce bottle. At Whole Foods, you can find a bottle of Biokleen for $25 that will take care of three hundred loads of laundry. Not only is this one of the best deals for non-toxic laundry detergents, it is one of the least expensive options on the market compared to any type of laundry detergent as far as cost per load. This detergent is free of preservatives, dyes, and fragrance, but is full of wonderful things like extracts from grapefruit seeds and citrus. Are you looking for a detergent that is kosher? Nut free? Vegan? Gluten free? Sun and Earth unscented detergent includes all of these benefits among others, and can be found on Amazon.

Dishwashing Soaps and Detergents

Regardless of if you choose to use a dishwasher, or you wash all of your dishes by hand, it is vital to use products that are non-toxic. Not only is this ideal for the environment and the water that leaves your home and enters said environment, but the safety of your family is incredibly important. Many dishwashing detergents use incredibly hazardous chemicals to fight grease and food—ammonia, formaldehyde, phosphates, and chlorine bleach are just a few. If these chemicals are not washed off of your dishes, they pose a potential threat to your family and dinner guests. However, here are several alternatives out there that remedy this problem.

As far as dishwashing liquids go, there are several fantastic options on the market. Planet Ultra Dishwashing Liquid is hypoallergenic and uses absolutely no chemicals or additives, making it a safe soap for those with sensitive skin. Another liquid to consider is Better Life DISH IT OUT, Unscented. This is a natural dishwashing liquid that is free of sulfates, artificial dyes, and perfumes. Aloe and vitamin E make an appearance in the product, promising soft hands.

If you are looking for detergent for your dishwasher, your first stop should be to check out Green Shield Organic Squeez in Lemongrass scent. This detergent is completely biodegradable and leaves your dishes smelling fresh. Another option is Honest Auto Dishwater Gel Free&Clear from The Honest Company. There are only six ingredients in this soap, all of which are safe and chemical-free.

All-Purpose Cleaners

A huge benefit of all-purpose cleaners is that you significantly cut down on the clutter created by your collection of cleaning supplies. Instead of having a bottle of floor cleaner, toilet cleaner, countertop cleaner, etc., you can use one product to clean your whole house. When that one product is safe and free of chemicals, you can rest easy knowing that your children and pets are free from danger.

If you are ready to invest in non-toxic cleaners, but still want your house to smell great, Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day All-Purpose Cleaner may be the product for you. This concentrated formula is scented using essential oils to keep your nose happy while fighting dirt and grime without using any harmful chemicals. Simple Green All-Purpose Cleaner is a mean, green, grime-fighting machine. This powerful cleaner can remove everything from hard surfaces around your home, including pet stains, coffee stains, adhesive residue, and even algae and moss. Simply dilute the concentrate to fit the size of the job you are going to tackle.


From laundry detergent to dishwashing soap to all-purpose cleaner, there are many products out there that can powerfully clean your home without the use of harmful and dangerous chemicals. You can use these cleaners and be confident that your family is safe, and that you are doing good for the environment.